Background Questions

These questions have been taken largely from an article at the Sanguinus Curae web site.

Mortal Life

Your character’s time and life as a mortal, before they were Embraced, can have as much effect (or more) as their unlife.

  • Where and when were was your character born?
  • What were your character’s parents like? Siblings? Family life?
  • Think of some significant events in your character’s life.
  • Did your character ever fall in love? Marry? Have children?

Immortal Life

  • Why was your character picked by their Sire? What was the draw?
    Most of those chosen for the embrace are very carefully chosen, after extensive observation and research. Sires usually choose their childer very meticulously, making sure that they will be an asset to the clan and a credit to the sire. No Kindred wishes to embrace a childe that will only be a burden or an embarrassment. Though, not every Kindred is a well adjusted and rational being, and sometimes childer are embraced for all the wrong reasons. You will likely be told what it was that won you admittance to the blood of your clan and thus the ranks of the undead, and it is likely something you will be expected to maintain once you are Kindred.
  • What was your character’s Embrace like?
    The embrace is a major experience and a major change – how it comes about is bound to have a lasting effect.
  • Think of some significant events in your character’s unlife, especially some of your character’s first experiences as Kindred.
    The first few intense experiences as Kindred are bound to shape you later in unlife. Whether positive or negative, these experiences have lasting effects. Detail a few of the early experiences of your character’s Kindred life, and the effect they had.
  • How does your character view other clans and Kindred? Mortals?
  • How does your character view their existence as Kindred?
  • What are some of your character’s long term goals? Short term goals?
  • How does your character feed?
    Is he a predator? A blood-thief? A Casanova? Something else?
  • Why is your character in Atlanta now?

Background Questions

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