Brujah Clan Symbol

The Brujah were once great warrior-philosophers, and created the city of Carthage were Kine and Kindred could live together in harmony. But the city of course fell, and all that remains of it now is the common dream that many Brujah have of re-creating it. Every Brujah seems to have a different idea of their utopian city, however.

Today, the Brujah are commonly seen as street punks, anarchists, and revolutionaries. They are a disorganized rabble. They hold contempt for the institutions of their mortal life when alive, and the vampiric institutions of Kindred after they were Embraced. They are savage and easily angered. Many Brujah lived a rough-and-tumble life, but the clan has a wide range of members. In a number of cases, a flash of attitude or demonstrated willingness to take crap is all it takes to earn the Embrace. These younger members are often called Iconoclasts (but never to their face).

Quieter but just as fiery, there are some Brujah that are more intelligent and politically active than their counter-culture brethren, especially the older Brujah. Despite the common conception of the Brujah, they have a strong hold on mortal academia, thanks to Brujah Elders. The older Brujah are called Idealists. Some of the oldest of even remember Carthage, but they are few.

Caught between the Iconoclasts and the Idealists are the Individualists.

They are tenuously part of the Camarilla, but many members of the Brujah clan defect to the Anarchs. The Brujah tend to shun power, especially the younger members. The position of Sheriff in a city, however, seems to be often held by a Brujah.

Notable Members



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