Connecting to a Game

Now that you have OpenRPG up and running (you did read the installation instructions, didn’t you?) it’s time to connect to a game.

Go to the menu Game Server and click Browse Servers. A Game Server window will appear with a list of servers on the left side. Look for the Resurgens server. If you don’t see it, try clicking the Refresh button. Click on the name of the server to highlight it, and then click Connect. (Clicking on the checkbox next to the server name doesn’t do anything.)

You’ll now see a list of rooms on the server, one of which should also be called Resurgens. Select it, and then click Join Room. Enter the password, and you’ll be online.

Once you are connected, the first thing to do is set your name. Set your name to the name you want your character to be called. The command for this is:

    /name Name_To_Use

There are other chat commands and die rolling commands you can use, as well.

After connecting to the server, feel free to close the Game Server window.

Connecting to a Game

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