Final Nights

In the canonical timeline for the World of Darkness (and therefore, Vampire: The Masquerade as well) the end of the world has come and gone by now. Gehenna, the vampire apocalypse, arrived after many nasty portents came to be, including the near annihilation of an entire Kindred clan.

For our purposes, this is all being conveniently ignored.

The canon up to 1999 (at least the parts I am currently aware of) mostly happened, aside from those directly related to Gehenna. The world continued on, complete with Kindred machinations, for the next ten years. Some things have definitely changed over the years:

  • The fall of the Anarch Free States in California to the Keui-Jin, or eastern vampires.
  • The continued Camarilla push towards the Sabbat cities of the eastern United States (most notably Atlanta).
  • The birth of new Anarch strongholds in the cities of the former Eastern Germany, notably Leipzig and Dresden.

Final Nights

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