Gangrel Clan Symbol

Loners by nature, Gangrel vampires spurn society and prefer the wilderness, tending to be taciturn and solitary. They are fierce warriors from their animalistic instinct. Gangrel are shapeshifters, able to change to the form of a chosen animal (as long as it is a predator or scavenger).

When selecting a mortal for the Embrace, Gangrel rarely reveal themselves. Instead, the act of Embrace is like a hunt, and the prospective Childe is watched for an extended period of time. The Gangrel then strikes without warning, and disappears, leaving the new Kindred to their own devices (although the Gangrel usually continues to watch). If the newly Embraced vampire does well, his Sire will instruct him in the ways of the clan. If not… well, these sort of things tend to take care of themselves.

The Gangrel were once part of the Camarilla. Although a large number of individual Gangrel are still part of that sect, officially the clan is now independent. The decision was made by the clan’s Elders after the Camarilla took back New York City from Sabbat control. The details of what actually happened are known to only a few. It is up to individual Gangrel whether or not they wish to remain part of the Camarilla. No stigma is attached to those that stay, but they have no official presence. There is no longer a Gangrel justicar, and no Gangrel serves on the Camarilla Inner Circle. The Camarilla use the term “Autarkis” for independent Gangrel.

Players may choose to play a Gangrel that is still a member of the Camarilla, but not an independent clan member.

The Ahrimanes

There are rumors of an offshoot minor bloodline of the Gangrel who call themselves the Ahrimanes. Using the blood magic of local Native American shamans, the originator of the Ahrimanes was able to break the bloodbond of her master. The ritual changed her appearance and vampiric nature. combining shamanistic and vampiric powers. However, she was no longer able to sire new vampires through the Embrace. The Ahrimanes must use shamanistic ritual to create new Ahrimanes vampires, and it only works on existing Gangrels.

The Ahrimanes are not available as clan to players characters.

Notable Members

Brujah Malkavian


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