Terms in italics are used by younger Kindred, and tend to be viewed as more vulgar slang by their elders. Of course, the older Kindred have terminology several centuries old that is incomprehensible sometimes to the younger vampires.

Alleycat: A vampire with no permanent haven, or a vampire that feeds on the homeless, vagrants, and other elements of low society.

Anarch: A vampire that has rejected the Camarilla to exist as an independent. The vast majority of anarchs are under a century old.

Angstburger: Over-the-top moping about one’s vampiric condition.

Antediluvians: The near mythological founders of the original vampire clans. They are attributed to be vampires of incalculable power, each of whom survived the Great Flood. They are believed to either be dead, in torpor, or manipulating the Jyhad.

Archon: A vampire in the service of a justicar. Archons are rarely of the same clan as the justicar they serve so as to avoid the appearance of favoritism, and are deputized with a wide array of powers. Most archons are blood bound to the justicar they serve.

Ash: A vampire who’s been destroyed.

Ball: A gathering of Toreador and invited guests.

Banking: The practice of “withdrawing” blood from blood banks and hospital reserves. This blood has little taste, although it will sustain a vampire. A Kindred that engages in this practice is known as a Banker.

Baron: An anarch “Prince”; a Kindred who claims a domain but is part of the Anarch Movement.

Barony: The domain of an anarch “Prince.” Also, an autonomous community of anarchs.

Barrens: The areas of a city unfit for life, including graveyards, abandoned buildings, industrial wastelands and areas of irreversible urban blight.

Beast, The: The inchoate drives and urges that threaten to turn a vampire into a mindless, ravening monster.

Becoming, The: The moment one passes from being a fledgeling into “full” vampire status, usually at a point deemed by one’s Sire.

Blister:A vampire who contracts a mortal disease and then spreads it to each vessel fed upon.

Bloat: Taking more blood than one needs, resulting in reddened eyes, a ruddy complexion and the continual shedding of tears of blood.

Blood Bond: The supernatural love created by the act of ingesting a Kindred’s vitae three times. Bonds can rarely be broken, especially if they are periodically reinforced with more vitae.

Blood Doll: A mortal who freely gives their blood to a vampire.

Blood Hunt: The process by which a prince declares another vampire to be outlawed, and the prosecution (in the form of an actual hunt) that follows.

Blue Blood: A Ventrue.

Boojum: Any other supernatural creature, usually non-vampiric.

‘Bot: Someone clearly acting under the influence of Dominate. Often reserved for mortals reduced to automaton status.

Breach: A violation of the Masquerade, usually punishable by death.

Cainite: The Sabbat describe themselves as Cainites rather than Kindred, a term they find unpleasant.

Camarilla: The sect of vampires, theoretically universal, that defines itself by the Traditions and the Masquerade.

Cannibal: A vampire who indulges in diablerie.

Cape: An obvious vampire. Also an elder.

Chantry: A communal haven-cum-workshop for a city’s Tremere.

Cleanup: Repairing an Oops, or otherwise working to protect the Masquerade.

Clockwatcher: A vampire who worries excessively about the approach of dawn.

Collar: Blood Bond. The term has a distinctly sadomasochistic inference attached to it.

Conclave: A gathering of the entire sect, usually called by a justicar.

Coterie: A group of Kindred who work more or less in concert. Most coteries are made up of members of multiple clans, and few endure for more than a few decades.

Court: The formal audience granted by the prince to his subjects, often given at Elysium. When a prince holds court, in theory any of the city’s Kindred may approach him to present themselves, request boons or otherwise make requests for favor or action.

Cub Scouts: Archons.

Damned, The: Kindred.

Degenerate: An unfriendly term for Toreador Kindred.

Dessert: Feeding for pleasure, not need.

Diablerie: When one vampire drains another vampire of blood, in the process devouring their soul. The practice holds a great deal of allure, for it is said to bestow the greatest pleasure imaginable, and can also grant greater power. Most consider it a heinous act.

Do Over: The process of erasing memories from a mortal’s mind. Often used to cover up evidence of feeding.

Domain: A territory assigned to a single vampire, who then has primary rights to feeding, industry and whatnot within her domain.

Destruction: The power of life and death over other Kindred. Possessed by a city’s prince and occasionally bestowed on others within his dominion.

Embrace: The act of turning a mortal into a vampire.

Elysium: A haven of art and culture within a Camarilla city. Elysiums are, by long tradition, zones wherein combat or the use of Disciplines is strictly forbidden. Much of the harpies’ work is done in Elysium.

Final Death: The ultimate destruction of a vampire.

Final Nights: The last years before Gehenna and the death of all vampires.

Fledgling: A newly created vampire, still under their sire’s protection.

Fossil: Derisive term for a vampire who is stuck, stylistically, in an anachronistic mode of behavior. Often used to refer to elders.

Futon: A coffin.

Fuzzy: A Lupine.

Gehenna: The vampire apocalypse. The Camarilla officially denies Gehenna, blood gods, Caine, et cetera, but the Sabbat is virtually a Genenna cult.

Generation: A measure of a vampire’s innate power and descent from Caine, the vampire progenitor. Low generation vampires are considerably stronger than higher generation vampires.

Ghoul: A mortal (usually, but not always a human) who has been fed vitae and acquired a hint of vampiric power as a result. Also the act of making someone a ghoul.

Grandpa: A member of a vampire’s lineage more distant than their sire.

Half-Breed: A ghoul. Sometimes phrased as “Half-Blood.”

Happy Meal: The process of drinking from a mortal who is intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of some sort of controlled substance.

Harpy: A de facto title given to the Kindred who sit in judgment on the rest of a city’s social status. The harpies mandate the social pecking order through inneundo, rumors, favoritism, and other such tools.

Haven: A vampire’s “home.”

Hunger, The: The urge to feed, a powerful drive amongst vampires.

Inky: A hunter, specifically a member of the Inquisition.

Inner Circle: The council of elders that controls the Camarilla and its policies. No one knows how many Kindred sit on the Inner Circle, let alone the clans and names of those who do so.

John Law: The sheriff; less frequently, the scourge.

Juice: Vitae.

Justicar: A roving representative of the Inner Circle charged with upholding the Traditions and laws of the Camarilla. There is one justicar from each clan, elected to a 13-year term by the Inner Circle and subject to replacement at the end of that term. Justicars have sweeping powers, including the right of Destruction, to enforce the laws and Traditions.

Jyhad: The war of ideals amongst the different sects of Kindred. Vampire elders command from the shadows, manipulating mortals and other vampires alike — and the elders are often manipulated in turn. Indeed, most combatants may not even realize for whom they fight, or why.

Keeper of Elysium: The vampire charged with upholding the sanctity and quality of a city’s Elysium.

Kiss, The: To drink blood, especially from a mortal.

Laid: Fed.

Leftovers: Blood taken from a corpse.

Lick: A vampire.

Lupine Alley: Travel arteries that run through Lupine territory, and are notoriously dangerous for vampires to traverse.

Masquerade: The Camarilla’s strict policy of concealing the existence of vampires from the mortal world.

Munchies: Hunger for vitae after heavy use of Disciplines.

Nibs: The prince or any other important vampire. Not intended as a compliment.

Oops: A breach of the Masquerade.

Ordeal: A form of trial among Kindred, wherein the accused undergoes some sort of test (combat, sunlight, etc) to prove their innocence.

Pioneer: The first Kindred into a city or area. Pioneers often set themselves up as princes, and call for reinforcements to help them maintain their holdings. Few pioneer princes last long; once they’ve stabilized their domains, most are rudely shoved aside by usurpers less inclined to take risks.

PF: Short for “pity fuck.” A Kindred who receives the Embrace because of guilt or pity on the part of his sire.

Prefrosh: A mortal who is a candidate for the Embrace.

Primogen: A member of the council of elders who putatively advise the prince of a city. The primogen council’s actual power varies from city to city.

Prince: The ruler of a city or its equivalent in the Camarilla; the supreme authority in local Camarilla affairs. The title applies to both male and female Kindred.

Princeling: A derisive term for the leader of a coterie.

Pyramid: Slang term for the formal structure of Clan Tremere.

Rabbit: A vampire who only feeds on animals. Animal blood is sometimes known as rabbit food.

Rack: The prime feeding grounds in a given city. Often composed of clubs, bars and shopping districts.

Rag: The weakest vampire in a coterie.

Rant: A formal (in some sense of the word) gathering of Brujah.

Recruiting: Breaking the Masquerade so as to prepare a mortal for the Embrace.

Red List: The listing of those Kindred whom the Camarilla most ardently desires to see purged from the face of the earth. Vampires on the Red List are considered under continual blood hunt.

Renfield: A long-time ghoul, usually one who has far exceeded normal mortal lifespan.

Retainer: A mortal or ghoul who serves a vampire directly.

Rug: A dead Lupine. Alternately, a dead Gangrel.

Salon: A place where Kindred meet to discuss philosophy and look fashionable.

Sand Castle: An unsafe haven or vulnerable domain.

Scoutmaster: A justicar.

Scourge: Title given to a Kindred charged by the prince with cleansing the city of unwanted, unauthorized vampiric rabble.

Sewer Rat: An unfriendly term for Nosferatu Kindred.

Shovelhead: Sabbat vampire, usually one of their shock troops. The term comes from the Sabbat recruiting practice of hitting a mortal over the head with a shovel, Embracing them, and then sending them out to the front lines.

Seneschal: A prince’s right-hand vampire. The seneschal handles many of the night-to-night operations of a city.

Sheriff: Kindred charged by a prince with the duty of upholding the laws and Traditions of the city.

Soy: Vitae taken from an animal; a less-filling and tasteless substitute for the real thing.

Speed Bumps: Mortals or inexperienced ghouls pressed into combat against vampires.

Suntanning: Being staked out for the sun. A common punishment used by princes on rebellious Kindred.

Tentacle: Ahideously deformedvampire, usually a Tzimisce.

Thin Blood: A vampire of weak generation, usually 14th generation or higher. These vampires are weaker than most, and cannot even Embrace. However, many of them can eat, drink, and even have children.

Time of Thin Bloods: Considered to be the coming of Gehenna, it is marked by a large number of weak generation vampires and Caitiff.

TFBS: Bela Lugosi’s Dead, by Bauhaus. Nearly universally loathed by all Kindred, who have simply heard it too damn many times for the joke to be funny anymore.

Torpor: A state of deep slumber that lasts for an extended period of time.

Traditions: The most sacred and basic laws of the Camarilla, established at the same time as the sect.

Trashman: A vampire who feeds on the homeless and other human detritus. The term derives from such Kindred’s tendency to pick up supper from alleyways or curbsides.

Uncle: An elder who takes an interest in or who patronizes a younger Kindred. Sort of a vampiric sugar daddy.

Valentine: A Kindred who uses his powers to achieve mortal celebrity, often in violation of the Masquerade.

Vector: Vampire who spreads mortal diseases; so called because the CDC has taken an interest in the way in which blood-based diseases have been spreading.

Vitae: Blood. More specifically, Kindred blood, but the definition is not an absolute one.

Vlad: A Kindred who acts in stereotypically “vampiric” fashion. Vlads usually wear capes, flaunt their powers and speak in strained Eastern European accents. Few last very long.

War of Ages: Anarch term for the clash of Kindred over issues such as age, sect policy (which favors elders in anarch opinion) and generation. Also, the Jyhad.

Whack Job: Malkavian, or a victim of Dementation.

Wolfie: A vampire, often a Gangrel, who prefers spending time in a non-human shape.

Yawp: The claims of a prince or other Kindred who can’t hold his territory.


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