Malkavian Clan Symbol

Malkavian Kindred have the nickname “Lunatics” or “Loonies” for good reason. They all have one thing in common: they are incurably insane. If they were not insane to begin with, then shortly after their Embrace, they will go mad. Many Malkavians find themselves pariahs, ostracized by others who are fearful of their randomness. The insanity ranges from mild cases of regression to full-blown psychoses and homicidal mania. Each Malkavian has their own distorted view of the world, but their insanity has an almost oracular nature (if one can decipher their ramblings).

Malkies are known for playing pranks on other Kindred. These take multiple forms, and are usually only amusing to the Malkavian playing them. The target of the prank will find it annoying at best… lethal at worst. The pranks are a supposed attempt to “kick the crutch of consensual reality out from other Kindred.”

Malkavians usually Embrace those that are outside the mainstream of society. Not all may be insane initially, but none are social paragons.

Despite their insanity (or perhaps because of it) the Malkavians are a welcome clan to the Camarilla. The Malkavians view the Camarilla with a sort of bemused affection.

Notable Members

Gangrel Toreador


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