Rolling Dice

Dice are rolled within square brackets, [ and ]. For example:


To use the special features of the World of Darkness die roller, use this command:

    /dieroller wod

This will tell OpenRPG to use the proper die roller for all future rolls.

When making a roll, you use a number of dice equal to your character’s trait, and attempt to roll one (or more) dice better than the difficulty. The dice are not totaled together. The die roller will tell you how many successes there were. A single success means just that… the attempt was successful, but perhaps only barely. More successes give a higher quality success.

A ten always counts as a success. A one takes away a success.

There is a special command to make these rolls, using the ”.vs()” command. You place the difficulty of the roll inside the parentheses.

    [3d10.vs(4)] => [4,9,7] vs 4 result of (3) - this shows that there were three successes (3 rolls of 4 or more)
    [4d10.vs(5)] => [5,1,4,4] vs 5 result of a failure - Although one 5 was rolled, the roll of 1 takes it away
    [4d10.vs(5)] => [2,1,2,4] vs 5 result of a botch - nothing over a 5 rolled, and a one was rolled. A bad roll!

Rolling Dice

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