The Toreador can be elegant, flamboyant, brilliant, visionary, ludicrous and dissipated. They are a clan of artists and innovators, and make up some of the most beautiful and glamorous of the Kindred. They feel they are the ultimate aesthetes, and beauty is as important… if not more important… then blood. The Toreador love of art, however, is an excessive zeal, going beyond passion and into obsession. The Toreador savor unlife more than most Kindred.

Despite their reputation as fops, the Toreador are masters of intrigue. To some, it’s just another form of art and politics a different type of canvas. They have adapted thoroughly to being part of the Camarilla, and they make up more then their fair share of princes, seneschals, and sheriffs.

The Toreador see themselves as two groups: Artistes and Poseurs. These two groupings are formal, but the two sides tend to fling insults at one another. The Artistes are the truly talented of the Toreador, who create objects of beauty and inspiration. The Poseurs are not so talented, and make up agents, critics, models, and substandard creators. This schism, as well as debates on art, are considered more important sometimes then the transient discussions of the Camarilla.

Notable Members

  • Brendan Herr & Trisha Howell, bassist and vocals for the hard rock band Blackest Night
Malkavian Tremere


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