Tremere is one of the youngest clans, dating from the Dark Ages. The Tremere have a sinister reputation. They were originally a cabal of wizards searching for immortal life, which they found within the unwilling Kindred they experimented upon. They are regarded with suspicion by their allies, and hatred by their enemies.

Although part of the Camarilla, the Tremere are insular and self-sufficient. The Tremere usually have havens in a chantry, complete with laboratories, libraries, residence quarters, and other materials necessary for thaumaturgical research. These chantries are well-protected.

When a new Tremere Kindred is Embraced, a Blood Bond is formed between them and all seven Tremere Elders. Their internal hierarchy is very structured, and each Tremere knows their place in the organization. A Neonate, for example, is at first considered an Apprentice of the First Circle, and they may work their way up to the Seventh Circle. Other positions, such as Regents, Lords, and Pontifices, all have a similar structure.

Their actions have protected the Masquerade throughout the centuries, and they are a powerful ally. Or enemy. Tremere are secretive and have a strict hierarchy they follow — so strict that members are required to form a bloodbond with all seven Tremere Elders. Tremere vampires still practice the arcane arts of Thaumaturgy, or blood magic.

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