The Ventrue are the backbone of the Camarilla. Regal and aristocratic, the Ventrue were once chosen from nobles and merchant princes. Today, they are politicians, corporate climbers, military officers and “old money.” The majority of Camarilla princes are from the Ventrue clan, for only they can stoically bear the burden of leadership. Or so they say. Others claim it is excessive pride and ambition. Regardless, they control a lot of wealth, social influence, and powers over the thoughts and feelings of mortals. They are urbane, sophisticated, and ofttimes formal. Despite their gentile guise, they can very easily be cruel and ruthless.

The Ventrue have their own strict of etiquette, with required “Board” meetings on the first Tuesday of every month for all Ventrue. They tend to be conservative in their actions. They still dabble in modern politics and finances, and in general have more ghouls then any other clan. They are very particular about what sort of blood they drink, and may only prey on certain types of mortals. This varies from Ventrue to Ventrue.

Notable Members

Tremere Caitiff


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