Caitiff are clanless vampires. They are the result of an Embrace that went wrong, or a Childe rejected by their Sire. They live on the fringe of Camarilla society. They do not show any characteristics of their Sires. Caitiff descended from Nosferatu may be ugly, but not deformed. Caitiff descended from Malkavian may be quirky, but not insane. Although there are some Caitiff within the Camarilla, the clans look after their own first.

The number of Caitiff has been increasing since the middle of the twentieth century.

The Sabbat use the term Pander to describe the Caitiff, and tend to be a little more open to them. An even less polite term used by all Kindred is Trash.

Some Caitiff are Thin Bloods… Kindred that aren’t fully vampires. They cannot Embrace, and are not as powerful as their Kindred cousins. But they can eat and drink. Some can even have children.

More superstitious Kindred view the Caitiff and thin bloods as an omen of Gehenna, the vampire apocalypse.

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