Whereas the Camarilla believe in strict order, their rivals the Sabbat believe in freedom. They believe that every Kindred has the right to create their own destiny, without being hindered by their Elders. Rather than relying on the age or generation of a vampire, the Sabbat believes in selecting the best person for the job or position.

The Sabbat also believe in vampiric supremacy over humanity. Since vampires are higher on the food chain, they should not hide from mortals but dominate them, and use them merely as cattle. Mortals also make good cannon fodder – a typical Sabbat tactic is to mass Embrace a large number of mortals, and then sent them out against the Camarilla. Those that survive are accepted into the sect.

Sabbat also believe that the Antediluvians are real, unlike the Camarilla. The Sabbat believe that the Antediluvians are currently influencing current events as they slumber. The Sabbat fear that the Antediluvians will awaken from their slumber some day, and that they will be very hungry for vampire blood when they do so. Some of the Sabbat consider themselves a sort of holy warrior against these ancient cannibalistic monsters.

Unlike the hierarchy of the Camarilla, the Sabbat believe in simply loyalty to one’s sect and packmates. Packs are a distinctive part of the Sabbat, consisting of a small band of vampires bound together by a ritual known as Vaulderie. Each pack member drinks a little bit of blood from the other pack members, creating a sort of Blood Bond between them all. They are usually led by a Ductus (war leader) and a Priest (spiritual leader).

The Sabbat do not use the term “Kindred” but instead “Cainite” to describe vampires.


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